Dave & Busters, Southdale Mall

When I hear ‘Dave & Busters’ I hear video games, which I am not really into, but I thought I would give it a try.   Boy was I in for a surprise.  First the food was amazing with lots of unique choices, the drinks were to die for, I thought I was on vacation, come to realize, for a few hours, we were.   Want to escape the world for a bit and find your fun factor? Enter into the world of Dave and Busters, they bring out the play in everyone, I want to go back!!   whiteny 058

I did not get enough of the life size connect four game, no time for the life size Pac Man game, and it was great watching Eric relax a bit, get into his games (which of course included shooting) and allow his child side to come out.   In the end, very fun, our next stop will include a Cencup group event.     whiteny 061

Location; Edina Southdale Mall

April 2016

Website https://www.daveandbusters.com/edina