Historic Water Street Inn

This 5 course Whiskey & Cigar Dinner only happens a few times a year, so book in advance.  We are yet to experience it, and because it’s has more of a male feel to it, I plan to surprise my husband with this one, whose in?   This came highly recommended as a date night.  It’s an extravagant evening that starts with Butler passed Hors D’oeuvres and hand rolled cigars on the porch, continued with specialty whisky's being served with each meal. It was shared that they pair well because cigars are high in acidity and whisky is low in acidity. The dinner ends with Hazelnut Chocolate Torte Caramel Sauce, which would be my highlight of the evening.

It’s highly recommended you plan to stay the night and make it a complete weekend experience.

Location: Stillwater

March 2016

Website: http://waterstreetinn.us/

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